FAQ's - UK Rallye

FAQ's - Frequently Adventured Questions


  • What do I need for the rally?
  • Do I need a visa?
  • Your rally vehicle branding
  • Where can I exchange ideas online with other teams?
  • The starting line in Brussels
  • Partytime on the Island
  • Where and how can I stay overnight?
  • Recommendation for the return journey
  • How does SAC Live Tracking work?
  • What do I do if I have a breakdown on the road?
  • What kind of vehicle can I use for the rally?
  • Where can I get a suitable vehicle from?
  • What happens to my vehicle after crossing the finish line?
  • Charity & donations
  • Which projects do we support?
  • How do I collect the donations?
  • betterplace.org - Collect donations online
  • Is there an age limit for participation?
  • Press relations
  • Sponsors


What do I need for the rally?

A thirst for adventure, a suitable vehicle, and 10 days time!

Which visas do I need, and where do I get them?

EU citizens do not (yet) need any visas for this rally.
We request that rally participants who do not possess EU citizenship make themselves aware of entry requirements for every relevant country.

Your rally vehicle branding

You have found the right vehicle, you have your sponsors and now you want to visually pimp the car/van/motorbike. We give your creativity absolute freedom. There is only one thing to consider: a sticker with the official UK Rallye logo will appear on the driver and passenger doors as well as on the bonnet. Furthermore, two stickers with your starting number must be placed clearly visible on the vehicle.

Dimensions of the stickers:

Official rally logos: circular, approx. 45 cm diameter
Starting numbers: circular, approx. 45 cm diameter


Where can I exchange information with other teams online?

Each rally has its own Facebook group. There you can exchange ideas with other teams before, during and after the rally.
The following topics are gladly discussed there:

  • Purchase and sale of reinforced rally vehicles
  • Search for other team members or a team to ride with
  • Progress in pimping the rally car
  • Tips & tricks for the right equipment
  • Personal team introduction and presentation of your own charity project

To the official group of Knights of the Island.


The starting event in Brussels

On 11 May 2019 the rally starts directly in the heart of Brussels. The event starts at 10:00 am and the official start will take place between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. We will let you know the exact address on 11 April 2019.

Partytime on the Island

All information about Meet & Greet Points and the official S.A.C Rally Parties on the Road can be found in the Raodbook. The roadbook will be handed out to you at the start.


Where and how can I stay overnight?

The accommodations are chosen and organized by the teams themselves.
From "Wild" camping in the Highlands, Bed & Breakfast with family connection to Palace & Champagne everything is allowed! Depending on your adventurous spirit and budget, you are free to decide what you like best on each stage. The spontaneous search for a suitable overnight accommodation on the respective stage has proven itself in the past and is usually no problem during the rally period.

At the official SAC party stops all teams pitch their tents together. Of course, you can also spend the night there in your own rally bus or truck.

There are also always tasks in the road book that are aimed directly at sleeping in the tent. So pack your tent and sleeping bag, because "Wild" camping is a real adventure only in the tent...


Recommendation for the return journey

Ferry Newcastle - Amsterdam
For all teams who want to return to mainland Europe relaxed and comfortable the day after the finish, we recommend the crossing from Newcastle (90 km south of the Scottish border) to Amsterdam. DFDS offers a daily late afternoon crossing. We recommend booking this ferry connection in time!


How does SAC Live Tracking work?

The SAC Live Tracking App - SAC Track - is available for free download for all rally teams in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store - for Android and iOS. SAC Live Tracking is as simple as it is intuitive. Simply switch on tracking and be tracked. Furthermore, you have the possibility to attach your most beautiful pictures to the track. All teams receive the train data one week before the start.

Offline and still be tracked. Is that possible?
Yes, that works without any problems! Your phone records your route even without an internet connection if a GPS signal is available. As soon as you are online the next time, the SAC Track will automatically move your route to the server and your route will be up-to-date again.

Your personal rally route
After the rally, you can download the tracked route so that you can show it to your grandchildren.


What do I do if I have a breakdown on the road?

You have to repair your vehicle!
But don't worry, even if you don't know anything about technology, you will get your vehicle back on the road. Because. 1:

1. it is an absolute code of honour for the teams to help each other if necessary. As a rule, there is always a participant nearby with enough technical expertise and the right tools to help you.

2. If you are stranded in the absolute pampas, don't be afraid to ask the locals for help. Even if they don't speak your language, you will often encounter a great willingness to help. Sometimes a friendly smile is enough and the engine is running again...

3. if simply nothing works anymore, then only the foreign protection of one of the big automobile clubs can help.

What kind of vehicle can I drive?

Young- & Oldtimer

At least 20 years old (incl. year of construction 12/1999)

At least 20 years old (incl. year of construction 12/1999); a motorcycle team may consist of max. 2 motorcycles.

Commercial vehicles
Old School Vans & Trucks: At least 20 years old (incl. year of construction 12/1999); campers and caravans are not allowed. Buses like T3, T4, GMC Vandura or Ford Transit are not considered motorhomes.
Vehicles built exclusively as motorhomes, e.g. with alcoves etc., are not permitted.

There is no value limit for the rally vehicle.

Where can I get a suitable vehicle from?

Look on the Internet or in the advertising section of your daily newspaper. On the relevant used car portals, you will find a wide selection of suitable and inexpensive vehicles.
Or ask your grandmother if she lends you her old Mercedes for a spin.

The vehicle does not have to be fixed at the time of registration. Until the start of the rally, you have time to find your perfect rally vehicle.

What happens after the finish with my beloved rally car?

Only you decide that! It's best if you drive home happy and full of adventures in your luggage and simply take it home for the next rally the following year!


Charity and donations

Collect 500 € for great charity projects. The collected donations flow either to our carefully selected charity partners or you donate to a charity project which you have chosen freely and which has always been close to your heart.
The donations can be collected from the time of registration until the end of the rally. More information


Which projects do we support?

The official charity partners of the Superlative Adventure Club are Movember Foundation e.V., Deepwave e.V., autonome Jugendwerkstätten Hamburg e.V., Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V., die Arche e.V., Moebius Syndrom Deutschland e.V. and Sage Hospital e.V. More information

How do I get the donations?

Come up with something! Tell your friends, family, business partners, colleagues about your unique project. Collect online. Organize a flea market. Make a tombola. Get into the local press or organize a charity party. There are countless ways. Collecting donations is an adventure in itself. More information


betterplace.org - Collect donations online

Create your personal donation collection pages e.g. at betterplace.org or another online donation platform. Betterplace.org gives you the possibility to present your donation collection in a transparent and easy way and to handle it online. All donations collected via betterplace.org directly benefit the S.A.C aid projects and organizations as well as your freely chosen charity projects.

If your charity partner is represented on betterplace.org, please also set up a fundraising campaign for your freely chosen charity project.
You can find detailed instructions on how to collect donations with betterplace.org here on our website.


Is there an age limit for participation?

Everything is open to the top! However, you must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to participate. Further, we point out that you should be in good physical condition. The participation in this adventure rally is not a coffee ride with an electric blanket.


Press work

In order to get even more support for your project and your fundraising, you are welcome to contact the press. Tell the local newspaper, radio or TV about your charity rally. So you might get even more donations and find additional sponsors.



Ask the workshop of your confidence if your rally car will be ready for you. Ask at the shop on the corner whether he will provide you with the right equipment. Or get a rally haircut from your favourite hairdresser. In return, your sponsors can immortalize themselves on the rally car or you can include them on your website or in your press work. Here, too, there are countless possibilities.