Knights of the Island


Knights of the Island - Great Britain’s wildest adventure rally. Conquer the castles and manor estates of England, crest the legendary Scottish Highlands, and discover the ancient Celtic roots of the land of the dragons, Wales. On this rally you’ll dive right into the soul of Great Britain. Experience up close the incredible natural diversity, get a feeling for both the traditional and post-industrial ways of life in intriguing cities, and taste the freedom and adventure this wild island has to offer.

So rev up your old-school rally vehicle on May 12, 2018, and step on the gas to begin the adventure. Leave your GPS and navigation systems at home – rely on your senses and good ol’-fashioned tools like maps and a compass to guide you through the lands of the knights, lords and ladies, and kings and queens.

Rally Date: 12th May - 21st May 2018

Sign-up: Starts October 12th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.


Quickfacts - UK Rally

The Vehicle

Modern classic or vintage cars: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/1998)

Modern classic or vintage bikes: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/1998) – a two-wheeler team can consist of no more than 2 bikes

Commercial vehicles
Modern classic or vintage trucks: 20+ years old (incl. date of manufacture 12/1998).


Starts in Brussels. Finish LIne in Edinburgh.

3.500 km in 10 days through

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales



  • NO GPS.
  • NO Sat Nav.
  • NO Motorways.
  • MORE adventure!

Party Time
In the land of the dragon and in the Scottish Highlands.

This rally ain’t about speed. In your Roadbook you’ll find some tasks that’ll have you diving deeper into your adventure. 


How many members may have a team?
There is no upper limit, but you all have to fit in the vehicle, of course!
Your Charity
Round up €500 to be donated to charity projects.
Starting fee
The application fee for Knights of the Island 2017 is €850 for a two-person team. The charge for each additional team member is €250.

Knights of the Island 2017 - Official Trailer from Superlative Adventure Club on Vimeo.

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